Who I Am

Hi there! I’m Enrique. I am a queer, Latinx nonbinary themologian
that is, I am a they/them who does theology.
I am also a podcaster, spiritual director, preacher, bibliophile, and Spanglish speaker.

What I Do


Spiritual direction is a practice of prayerful reflection to help folks notice the movement of the Spirit in their lives. I offer spiritual direction on a sliding scale basis.


I’ve written a number of devotionals on topics ranging from renewal, LGBTQ+ spirituality, and more.


I write and theologize regularly at the intersections of race, queerness, and faith. I’m also a lay preacher and publish my sermons with video.

Fruits of the spirit

My show, Fruits of the Spirit, is a bi-weekly podcast that amplifies and celebrates the faith journeys of queer and trans people of color.

Connect with me