Allowing Yourself to Be

Every day we receive countless messages from our families, peers, jobs, and society at large as to who we should be, what we should think, how we should feel or what we should be doing. All of these things take us out of ourselves and don’t allow us to sit in the present moment.

Harden Not Your Hearts

If we are to be an Easter people, we must enter into Good Friday and the silence of Holy Saturday. That requires something difficult from us: we must not allow our hearts to harden. We have to interrogate our own involvement in the systems that abuse and kill our neighbors. We cannot look away from the suffering around us, but must enter into it as Jesus did, and allow our hearts of stone to become hearts of flesh that break and mourn.

Mending Myself

2020 has been immensely difficult, traumatic, and long, there’s no doubt about it. I had so many plans and dreams for this year before shit hit the fan - I wanted to travel more, write a book, get a tattoo. I didn't get to do any of those things, but instead I was able to do something much more meaningful - to truly make time and space for my healing and well-being.


Jesus’ whole adult life was centered on turning the status quo upside down - he healed those considered untouchable and disposable, he told the rich to give away their possessions to the poor, he spoke openly to women and included them in his ministry. Above all, he preached love, forgiveness, and compassion, especially for “the least of these” - the most marginalized. These teachings are still sorely needed, and they still fly in the face of the status quo today.

Seeing Myself for the First Time

“I have chosen to struggle against unnatural boundaries.” - Gloria E. Anzaldua I have a distinct memory of being maybe 6 or 7 years old and really wanting to paint my nails. I don’t remember whether or not I had been explicitly told by that point that nail polish was “not for boys”; I implicitly [...]

Seeing Over the Crowd

I delivered this sermon yesterday at the parish I am currently interning at. For the readings appointed, including the Gospel reading, click here. Today’s Gospel reading is one of my favorite stories from the New Testament. The Gospel of Luke tells us that a man named Zacchaeus, a chief tax collector, heard Jesus was coming [...]